ITC Reconciliation is must do excercise for every business to increase their profitability. Digitax Automation has built G-RECS to assist you for reconciliation of your purchase data with GSTR 2A data. This online tool offers you auto matching feature with smart suggestions for partial and probable matches. That makes your reconciliation process easy and efficient.

GRECS software is the brainchild of Digitax Automation which is made to simplify the ITC reconciliation process for you. G-RECS has been prepared after a lot of research and with the combination of technology & automation for your ease and benefit.


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Mitigates the risk of ITC reversal

For all who performs the reconciliation process, risk of ITC reversal is like a nightmare for them. The good news is, there is nothing to worry about since GRECS is here at your rescue that mitigates all the risks at its best.

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Provides tracking of multiple excel Files | Ease of tracking multiple files

If you are worried about how to track a lot of complex excel files at once, don’t worry GRECS does this for you, so rely on GRECS for this now and thank us later.

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Easy reconciliation process

We not only believe in making the technologies accessible to you but also insimplifying the process. Our brainchild GRECS has all the Automatic features to empower you with the ease of its reconciliation process

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Realtime Tracking of your ITC matching status:

Its real-time tracking feature allows you to focus on other tasks meanwhile it tracks the real-time status of your ITC matching status. So after all the reconciliation process, you can have a cup of coffee because you can leave everything on GRECS.

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Easy and efficient handling of updates

This feature is what differentiates GRECS from its competitors. Its efficiency of handling updates, amendments and not submitted invoices in GSTR-2A is just marvellous. It carries out the updation process with utmost precision and accuracy.

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Calculations without using complex Excel formulas | Ease of calculation

Those were the days when businesses were dependent on complex excel formulas for the calculations of their tax audit. With the advent of GST, it is not easy to reconcile your data using primitive excel sheets. So here we are with our new age GST solution on your step to simplify ITC reconciliation for you.


  • No need to worry about frequent changes in your team

    When you are using GRECS, there is nothing to worry about frequent changes in the team since the work done by each and every team member is properly recorded and saved.

  • Even the junior-most member of your team can perform the operations:

    With GRECS the reconciliation process is so easy that even the junior-most member of your team can perform the tasks without any confusion.

  • Helps in identifying defaulters and do a follow-up

    GRECS is made after a lot of research so that it can solve each and every issue that a business has while reconciliation. So, the professionals who find it difficult to identify the defaulting vendors, GRECS gives them an edge by providing a platform where they easily identify and follow up with defaulters.

  • 20X Time Saving in the reconciliation process

    GRECS allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously which increases your efficiency. No matter how much data you have to stay GST compliant, GRECS is proficient in reducing time and hence increasing the speed of your work.

  • Helps in identifying unclaimed ITC and increasing profitability

    A human mind can do mistakes or skip thinks due to work pressure but when you are strengthened with GRECS, it is hard to miss anything while updating data. Its ability to detect unclaimed ITC allows you to have a hassle-free experience and hence increases your profit share.

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